Kurt and John Do Outdoor Retailer

Next week, two of our business developers will be Lewis and Clarking it on over to the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City. This is pretty much the biggest concentration of outdoorsy folk ever assembled outside of a lumberjack camping retreat, and odds are at least some of them are looking for a full-service experiential agency (that’s farm-to-table, with everything from ideation to production happening in-house, and believes in empowering human connections. Hi, we’re Gemba. Nice to meet you).

Presumably, Kurt and John will be doing things like honing their wilderness skills and killing fish with their bare hands. Right now they primarily have “eating pizza” and “doing the Reverse Worm” stored away in their arsenal of expertise, but they’re always looking to expand.

Here’s what they’ll also be doing:

  • Networking
  • Kayaking
  • Accumulating sports merch
  • Rock climbing
  • Winning the various impromptu dance-offs they will inevitably be challenged to
  • Spreading the Gemba word

If you want to keep up with their antics and watch Kurt and John become the mountain men they were always meant to be, check out our Twitter @GembaMarketing. That’s where you’ll find pro tips and embarrassing photos galore.

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