We humanize brands through experience.

What We Do

As humans, we crave experience — moments of real, raw, riveting engagements that make us feel alive.
Experiential marketing has the power to create those moments, developing a holistic relationship between consumer and brand.
And at Gemba, we’re experts in experiential marketing – which means we’re experts in bringing your brand to life.



We’re experts in event planning. It’s kind of our thing. From planning and organizing logistics to fabricating and executing your event, we’ve got you covered.


If you enjoy things like traveling, meeting new people, and spreading your brand’s awesomeness along the way, a mobile tour might be your new best friend. We’ll take care of the hard stuff, like strategy, design, and execution, so you can have all the fun and glory.


Boring is not in our vocabulary. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to create fully customized event materials that speak to the authentic nature of your brand.





It’s the fastest way to get your product in the hands of people everywhere. Within minutes, you’ll have a millions-strong mob of hopeful freeloaders clamoring for goods. And if that doesn’t sound amazing, you’re probably crazy.



Two is better than one, right? We think so. Sponsorship activations are the perfect way to elevate your brand at major events and establish credible relationships with industry partners.


Experiential marketing and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly, Jack and Coke, Batman and Robin. You get the point. Our team will be your brand’s coach, your cheerleader, and your sports doctor through the entire activation. We’ll be there for you, is what we’re saying.


It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s one hell of a marketing strategy. Whether you’re activating flash mobs in major metropolitan cities or installing impactful brand structures in unorthodox areas, we’ll guarantee you make a bold statement wherever you go.




Event planning isn’t always just producing, branding, and coordinating logistics – sometimes it involves organizing, lodging, catering, and transportation. That sounds hard, but don’t worry. Just leave it to us.  




Shopping at the mall is cool, I guess. But shopping at a pop-up surprise party retail store in the middle of a park is way, way cooler, don’t you think?




Everybody wants to be that guy sipping a martini behind the VIP rope while the lesser mortals look on with envy. Treat your influential customers and retailers to a luxurious, red carpet experience and you’re one step closer to building an army of loyal brand ambassadors.

Drop us a line anytime – we’re always here.