How to Fill Your Office With Thanksgiving Cheer

It’s that time of year again – time to hide your scales, tailor your jeans, and inhale pumpkin pie like it’s going out of style. Thanksgiving is here! And in between thoughts of mom’s turkey and grandma’s sweet potato casserole comes that little thing called – you guessed it – gratitude. According to science, expressing gratitude is really good for you. And when has science ever been wrong?

Check out the fun facts below, and continue reading for some easy tips on how to brighten up the office this holiday season.


Thanksgiving is all about thanking the wonderful people in our lives, and that includes the hard-working weirdos we call our coworkers. Generally speaking, we spend more time at work than we do at home, so let’s not forget to show some love to our office mates. Not only will it reap major benefits on your health (see above), it’ll put the spark back in your inner office relationships. And couldn’t we all use some extra spark this time of year? We think so.

Consider doing a few of the following things to show your coworkers you care:

Share it on a Post-It note. Seriously. Grab a new pack of Post-Its, write nice (and specific) things about your coworkers, and post the notes on their desks, computers, staplers, lunch boxes, water bottles, or any other surface you can find. We suggest keeping things anonymous, too – it’ll add to the “spark.”


Make it public. Know a coworker who always goes the extra mile in everything they do? Consider recognizing them at one of your company meetings. Don’t make a big scene – that’ll just get awkward. A natural, from-the-heart announcement will make the room go “awwww” and the special someone blush from ear to ear.


Random Acts of Kindness. Does your boss love chai tea lattes? Mine does too. Stop by the local coffee shop on your way to work and pick up their favorite morning drink. Odds are, they’ll love you forever and ever. And ever.


Pamper the office with food. Aside from gratitude, Thanksgiving is all about the food, food, and food. Combine the best of both worlds and pick up donuts, cupcakes, or a hummus platter for the entire office to share. Yes, I said hummus platter.


Be genuine. With things like Facebook and Twitter at our fingertips, spreading gratitude has never been easier. But while the gesture always has the best intention, it’s not exactly genuine. Nix the social posts this year and have a real live, face-to-face conversation. In other words, be human. Make it real.

From all of us at Gemba – have a safe, happy, calorie-filled Thanksgiving!

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