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Resolutions are the Worst. We’re Doing this Instead.

Well, we did it. The ball dropped, the champagne popped, and Mariah Carey blessed us all with her award-winning display of New Year’s Eve awkwardness. 2016 has come and gone, and so begins the annual tidal wave of optimistic resolutions. Every year, nearly 50% of Americans commit to a... read more

Our Top 5 Holiday Marketing Campaign Picks of the Season

The day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the biggest marketing season of the year. The floodgates open, quite literally. While frenzied shoppers make their lists and check them twice, brand strategists are busy sending holiday emails, posting social campaigns, launching web videos and TV commercials, and hosting influential... read more

Gemba Heads West for the 1st Annual DJI Enterprise Airworks Conference

Earlier this month, I had a unique opportunity to travel with the Gemba team to San Francisco, CA for the launch of DJI Enterprise’s first-annual Airworks conference – a networking event for software developers, business partners, and public safety officials to share and gather insight about the evolving UAV... read more

How to Fill Your Office With Thanksgiving Cheer

It’s that time of year again – time to hide your scales, tailor your jeans, and inhale pumpkin pie like it’s going out of style. Thanksgiving is here! And in between thoughts of mom’s turkey and grandma’s sweet potato casserole comes that little thing called – you guessed it – gratitude. According... read more

Experiential & the Holidays go Together Like Peppermint & Schnapps.

You guys. It’s happening. The holidays are coming. Yes, I know, October is only a few days old and pumpkin spice lattes have only just crawled out from their hibernation dens. But amongst the tacky Halloween decor and heaping candy piles that have trickled into every retail store across America, Christmas... read more

Mobile Tour Madness: A Gold Mine for Brands

All brands, no matter their size, desire an authentic relationship with consumers, one that fosters genuine connections, increased awareness, and positive brand promotion. Marketing strategies that are scalable, memorable, and shareable are host to impressionable results, thus creating an army of loyal brand ambassadors; and the bigger the army, the more... read more

Seeking More Transparency & Trust in your Agency Partnership? Let Us Help

In today’s client-agency landscape, the ability to provide transparency and trust is paramount to a successful partnership. And at Gemba, we’re experts in both of those fields. Our service capabilities spread far and wide, stretching the boundaries found in your typical agency, and give our clients access to every... read more

We Sweltered Our Way Through Outdoor Retailer, & It Was Worth It

In case you were wondering, Salt Lake City is hot. Like really hot. Like standing-on-the-surface-of-the-sun-while-drinking-coffee kind of hot. We know this because we were there for this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show. Anyone who’s mildly interested in outdoor activities, from patio drinking to backcountry camping, was there, and I’m... read more

Millennials + Music Festivals = A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Music festivals attract millennials like light bulbs attract bugs. With the constant flow of tunes, friends, alcohol, and Instagrammable moments, it’s the perfect environment for the marketing world’s most coveted demographic. In fact, 32 million people attend at least one music festival in the U.S. every year, and nearly... read more

In the World of Marketing, Emotion is King

A billboard is fleeting – a distracting visual we notice for an instant, and then we move on. There’s a chance we’ll read that magazine ad while we’re sipping our morning latte, but there’s a better chance we’ll flip right past it. Commercials have become buried beneath DVR and... read more

How To Actually Go On Vacation. Hint: Leave Your Work at Home

Summer: the season of sun-kissed skin, family picnics, and well-deserved vacation time. It’s a time to replenish our minds, recharge our bodies, and recognize the hard work we accomplished over the last six or seven months. On vacation, we disconnect from our jobs, content with the fact that the... read more

Experiential Marketing – Generating Content Like A Boss

If there’s one thing brands should embrace more than almost anything, it’s social media. And if there’s one strategy brands can use to leverage social media, it’s experiential marketing. Think about it. What did you do when you attended that music festival with all your friends last weekend? I’m... read more

Snaps for Snapchat: 4 Ways Snapchat Benefits Brands

Confession time: I’m a millennial and I don’t use Snapchat. *Gasp* All of my friends use it, my sister sends me snaps of her cats thrice daily, and every bit of research tells me that Snapchat is hot, hot, hot. So, what’s my deal, then? Why don’t I use... read more

Summer is Coming: Gemba’s Essentials for Surviving the Heat!

Spirits are high at the Gemba office today. We drove to work with the windows down, the sun is shining, and Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. Life is real good. After seven months of hellish snow and ice, us northern folk welcome the holiday weekend with... read more

We Felt the Feels at #EMSLive, and Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

The energy was high at this year’s Experiential Marketing Summit hosted by Event Marketer. More than 1,500 marketing gurus gathered in Denver, CO to immerse themselves in the bustling trends and activations of the experiential marketing world, and the star of the show happened to be the one thing... read more

5 Tips for Celebrating Mom in Your Next Marketing Campaign

This Sunday, we celebrate mom. We celebrate her loyal commitment to family, her abundance of support and love, and her irrefutable talent for baking chocolate chip cookies on the regular. As someone who has yet to experience the joys of motherhood, I don’t know what it’s like to care... read more

3 Steps for Creating Authentic Brand Experiences

This past weekend my husband and I visited a new brewery called Hop Lot Brewing Company. It’s located in Suttons Bay, MI; a quaint little town nestled on the banks of the Leelanau Peninsula. We had no idea what to expect, other than the fact that my hair stylist... read more