Who Are We?

We’re more than just an innovative, hilarious, and good-looking bunch of future billionaires. We’re Gemba—an experiential marketing powerhouse, a creative force to be reckoned with, and a group of ping pong-playing weirdos masquerading as consummate professionals. We do things like transcend the ordinary levels of marketing to connect with your consumers in ways heretofore unseen, but we also make excellent popcorn. In short, we’re pretty great. Not convinced? Take a look at what else we’ve got stored away in our experiential arsenal:

  • Our sales team is the stuff dreams are made of.
  • Our production team kicks unprecedented quantities of ass.
  • Our design team is nothing short of heroic. (Not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes wear T-shirts and can whip up an infographic like it ain’t no thing.)
  • Basically, everyone who works here is just a higher caliber of human being.
  • We’re a farm-to-table company, meaning we do all of our creating, designing, strategizing, manufacturing, and salsa dancing all under one roof.
  • We empower human connections using your brand, and we do it while wearing funny hats. (It’s a company-wide requirement.)
  • Work with us, and you’ll never have a bad hair day again.
  • We take pizza seriously.
  • We weren’t kidding about the ping pong.

More specifically, my name’s Courtney. I’m a University of Michigan graduate, a mediocre parallel parker, and one-half of the worst doubles ping pong team in recent history. I’ll also be your helpful guide to all things Gemba. I’m chock full of information, and some of it’s even relevant.

I’ll be the one putting up stuff on this blog from time to time. You’ll likely see things that we’re doing, things that we think are cool, hot tips, and pictures of cats wearing sunglasses if nobody stops me.

Now, I’m sure you’ve got things to do—people to see. But if you remember one thing I’ve said today, remember the thing about popcorn. We’re really good at popcorn. Tell your friends.

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