Summer is Coming: Gemba’s Essentials for Surviving the Heat!

Spirits are high at the Gemba office today. We drove to work with the windows down, the sun is shining, and Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. Life is real good.

After seven months of hellish snow and ice, us northern folk welcome the holiday weekend with open, pasty white arms. It means summer is almost kind of hopefully here. It means grilling season is upon us. It means camping with friends, swimming in the lake, and cheering at the ball field, ice cream cone in hand.

But to anyone working in the experiential field, Memorial Day Weekend represents the beginning of crammed calendars, outdoor activations, and a medley of summery events to execute. In fact, our team is headed to Atlanta and San Diego this week for a major activation! We’re busy, busy!

Summer is experiential marketing’s best friend, and you best be prepared for the adventures that are about to be had. Here are some essentials you’ll need to pack in order to enjoy your events this season and survive the dog days of summer.

shutterstock_294856880Sunscreen: Pack it, use it, lather it on like you’re frosting a cake. The more, the better. The sun is dangerous, people, and if you’re not prepared, you’ll come home with a blistered nose and an epic farmer’s tan. And nobody likes a farmer’s tan.

Water bottle: A long day in the sun is breeding ground for dehydration. And when you’re dehydrated, you’re crabby, you feel like mush, and your head probably aches like a son-of-a-gun. Tie a water bottle to your belt loop if you must, and drink water like it’s your job.

Charger: Nothing’s worse than working an outdoor event with a dead cell phone. Make sure you have a charger or six on hand, and make sure you have an outlet to use said charger(s).

Comfortable Shoes: It’s the season of flip-flops, but not all flip-flops are created equal. Protect your feet and invest in some high-quality, comfortable shoes. Like these. Or these.

Healthy Snacks: At the event, you’re bound to get hungry. But sometimes you won’t have access to restaurants or food stands. And when you do have access, your options are probably fried or fast or both. Pack a few healthy options, like almonds, granola bars, or apples, and you’ll be set.

Camera: It’s always wise to document your event. You walk away with great content for your company website, social media channels, and blog, which solidifies your credibility to potential clients.

So, there you have it. Our six summertime essentials to surviving your events this season. They’re pretty obvious, I know, but they’re also pretty easy to forget. Don’t forget them. Misery will ensue if you do.

No matter where you go this weekend, whether you’re attending barbecues, bonfire parties, or music festivals, may you never forget the true meaning of this American holiday. It’s the unofficial start of summer, yes. It’s experiential marketing’s busiest time of year, sure. But, more importantly, this weekend represents our respect and remembrance for our veterans, the men and women who dedicated their lives to their country, and those they left behind.

From all of us at Gemba, have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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