Snaps for Snapchat: 4 Ways Snapchat Benefits Brands

Confession time: I’m a millennial and I don’t use Snapchat.


All of my friends use it, my sister sends me snaps of her cats thrice daily, and every bit of research tells me that Snapchat is hot, hot, hot.

So, what’s my deal, then? Why don’t I use Snapchat? It’s not because I don’t like the app. I think it’s pretty neat, actually, and I do enjoy receiving 10-second updates on the napping patterns of my sister’s cats. But when it comes to crafting a snap and blasting it to my non-existent list of followers, I just don’t get it. I don’t understand how to use it, I don’t understand the appeal; I don’t understand why anyone would want to see a close-up picture of my face sticking out a gigantic rainbow waterfall tongue.

Until now, that is.

With more than 100 million active users, Snapchat has become one of the top three social media platforms amongst millennials and Gen Z. In fact, the ephemeral messaging app receives more than 10 million video views from users every single day. Even more, it’s the number one social platform for reaching 13-34-year olds, which opens up a lot of creative opportunities for brands targeting a large, influential demographic.


In other words, Snapchat isn’t just some social media fad that will eventually fade away. From May 2015 to January 2016, Snapchat’s daily video views grew by 350%. It’s a powerhouse that’s here to stay, and it’s proving itself as a beneficial tool for brands everywhere. If your brand hasn’t hopped aboard the snap-wagon yet, the following information might convince you otherwise:

Snapchat allows brands to reach a large demographic without spending a penny

It’s free to everyone, so it’s basically harmless. Plus, nearly one-third of millennial Internet-users are active Snapchat users, giving brands hyper-targeted access to an extremely influential group of people.


It’s a great opportunity to share a coupon or promotional code

According to a recent survey produced by Sumpto, 58% of college students would likely purchase a brand’s product if they were “snapped” a coupon. Incentives are an expected staple in the social media world, and consumers are inclined to participate in a brand’s social media strategy if they’re rewarded with a coupon, giveaway, or entry in a sweepstakes. Send a coupon snap to your followers and you’ll reel in major consumer traffic.


Create social buzz around a new product launch

With Snapchat, brands have an opportunity to shoot out brief images of new products, teasing consumers with what’s to come. In today’s FOMO-conscious society, consumers crave live access to upcoming trends and products. Out of all the social media outlets out there, Snapchat is one of the only purely live-based platforms, which gives brands real-time opportunities to showcase their products and tell an authentic story.


Tell a “story” and humanize your brand

One of Snapchat’s features allows users to send “stories” in the form of video collections. Create an authentic video about your brand’s culture, highlight your newest employee, or give a behind-the-scenes look at your brand’s day-to-day operations. Consumers, particularly millennials, appreciate inclusive brands, and Snapchat’s storytelling feature allows brands to relate to consumers on a more personal, more organic level.

Three years ago, Facebook tried buying Snapchat for $3 billion. Snapchat said no thanks. Snapchat has big ideas, big plans, and big goals, and its paving the way for more innovative, personal B2C interactions. If the little yellow ghost man isn’t part of your branding strategy, you might want to welcome him to the club. He’s kind of a big deal.

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