Seeking More Transparency & Trust in your Agency Partnership? Let Us Help

In today’s client-agency landscape, the ability to provide transparency and trust is paramount to a successful partnership. And at Gemba, we’re experts in both of those fields. Our service capabilities spread far and wide, stretching the boundaries found in your typical agency, and give our clients access to every facet of their brand campaign.

We’re not just a think agency; we’re a do agency.

We come up with the marketing ideas, sure. We configure logistics, creative concepts, and staffing. But, unlike a lot of agencies, our work doesn’t stop there. A short walk from our main office is our high-functioning manufacturing facility, stocked with everything we need to bring our client’s project to fruition. Did we mention it’s in the same building? Seriously, it’s like 16 steps away. I just counted.


Why does this matter to me?

Long story short, our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities eliminate the third party. No more outsourcing or hoops to jump through. Just you and the Gemba team collaborating together to bring your brand to life.

From ideation to execution, our clients see it all because we do it all. It’s that simple. And if that’s not the perfect blend of transparency and trust, I don’t know what is.

Want an example of our capabilities in action?

Currently, we’re producing a fleet of obstacle course materials and branded graphics for an event partnership with DJI, the global leader in aerial imaging technology.

At the end of August, DJI is hosting the 2016 DJI Developer Challenge, an elite drone competition that brings together the most innovative tech-thinkers and tinkerers from around the world with a mission to “create a search and rescue system for the future.”

Held at the Griffiss National Airport in Rome, NY, challenge participants must develop a software solution that will command their DJI drone to autonomously lift-off from a moving Ford F-150, navigate to the disaster area, and avoid dangerous obstacles while scanning for and locating survivors, ultimately returning to the Ford F-150 with GPS coordinates of the survivors in the disaster area. DJI approached Gemba Marketing to take care of all design, fabrication, and execution elements for the entire event. Thanks to our talented artists, logistics geniuses, and troops of production experts, we were able to produce all event materials, including runway graphics, rugged media walls, bridges, branded hangar graphics, and a 13-foot house – all under one roof.

Like I said, we’re not just a think agency; we’re a do agency. We’re a full-service extension of our client’s marketing team, and we can do things other agencies just can’t: bring brands to life while providing unique transparency to our clients through our Design -> Build -> Activate advantage.

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And if you love the idea of working with an agency that’s loaded with creative talent, innovative marketing strategies, and mega manufacturing power, give us a call. We’ll put the trust back in your agency relationship.

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