Recipe for an Experiential Agency

On average, we’ll all spend approximately 9,000 hours making Thanksgiving dinner. Turkeys will be stuffed, corn will be shucked, and buttermilk rolls will be defrosted. I’m here to tell you that Thanksgiving dinner, with all of its various parts and pieces, is not unlike an experiential agency. The art department is like the mashed potatoes, account services is like the pumpkin pie, and nobody is like the yams, because does anybody even really like yams? Aren’t we all just pretending?

Anyway, here’s how we throw all those parts and pieces into the Gemba mixing bowl and come out with your business solutions (in less than 9,000 hours).


1. Start with a dollop of business development. Heat to boiling.

2. Add the creative team and account services. Watch them identify strategic, data-driven solutions for a myriad of business challenges. Reduce heat, let simmer.

3. Now throw in a dash of copywriting and art. They’ll work in conjunction with one another to present activation concepts in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and articulate. Stir well.

4. Sprinkle in some production. This is how an event (ahem, meal) physically comes to life. All elements are manufactured in-house, so—pardon the continued food analogy, but we’ve made it this far and I’m not stopping now—we really are a farm-to-table company.

5. Remove from heat. Let sit for five minutes. You’ve just cooked up for your first experiential agency. How does it feel? Good? Great? Awesome. Now, enjoy.


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