Experiential & the Holidays go Together Like Peppermint & Schnapps.

You guys. It’s happening. The holidays are coming.

Yes, I know, October is only a few days old and pumpkin spice lattes have only just crawled out from their hibernation dens. But amongst the tacky Halloween decor and heaping candy piles that have trickled into every retail store across America, Christmas trees, twinkle lights, and candy canes are soon to follow. You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it. Us northerners will be buried in snow before we can say “peppermint schnapps.”.

So what does this mean for marketing folk? Well, if you take into consideration that last year’s holiday sales accounted for nearly 80% of all retail revenue, then it means marketers are about to enter into their biggest, most influential time of year. But the holiday market is a crowded one, and making a splash during this celebrated season isn’t easy.

Thankfully, we’ve done our research, and we know what shoppers are looking for during the holiday madness (besides peppermint schnapps, of course). Check out our infographic for a quick glance into shopping trends and behaviors.


As an experiential marketing agency, these stats make us smile from ear to ear. Like this.

You know what else makes us smile? Helping brands elevate their presence. If you’re worried it’s too late to start planning your holiday marketing strategy, let us assure you – it’s not. We’re experiential experts, and with our in-house production facility and crazy-fast turnaround times, we can help you dominate this holiday season.

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