Happy International Country Music Day! Let’s Demystify Some Stereotypes

When you think of country music, what comes to mind? Pick-up trucks? Cowboy boots? A twangy barnyard singalong with an acoustic gee-tar? Let’s face facts here: stereotypes are a thing. But studies show that the widespread perception of country music listeners as rural, illiterate, and generally lower-class just doesn’t ring true.

In fact, country music listeners (who make up 42% of American adults) hail from all walks of life, geographic locations, and socioeconomic levels. While the rest of us are living life from one dollar-menu taco to the next, country music fans tend to trend upward. A little over a quarter of them have household incomes greater than $100,000, which is the same percentage as the rest of the United States. They’re also a loyal demographic–85% say that once they find a brand they like, they stick with it. They’re big on saving money (77% say that’s their #1 goal in this crazy thing called life), but 74% are willing to pay more for products from a company they trust.

So what does all of this mean from an experiential marketing standpoint? Well, it means you can partner JC Penney with Rascal Flatts, bring VIP experiences to 4,500 people, and garner 1.5 million event attendees overall. Like we did. It was pretty cool.

And the amount of country music fans over the age of 12 has soared 31% in the last decade, according to the CMA. So they’re only getting stronger.


* All stats courtesy of GH MRI unless otherwise stated.

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