Boo from the Crew: Here’s How Team Gemba Does Halloween

Halloween is a time for candy, for scary movies, for thinking about the costumes of Halloweens come to pass and cringing at the memory. Here at Gemba, we’re no exception. In fact, we’re pretty much the rule, as you can see, if the rule is “Thou shalt not escape childhood without at least one seriously weird costume snafu.”

Let’s do a little guessing game. Can you spot…

  • The clown
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Superwoman
  • The mouse
  • The Cookie Monster
  • The cheerleader
  • Wednesday Addams

Did you get them all? Congrats! You’re the Halloween champion. Go forth from this place with pride. Enjoy the candy (you deserve it), and we’ll see you in November.

Happy Halloween!

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