In the World of Marketing, Emotion is King

A billboard is fleeting – a distracting visual we notice for an instant, and then we move on. There’s a chance we’ll read that magazine ad while we’re sipping our morning latte, but there’s a better chance we’ll flip right past it. Commercials have become buried beneath DVR and Netflix, newspapers are slowly depleting, and web banners are more annoying than those Candy Crush requests we get on Facebook (60% of all web banner clicks are mistakes*).

The marketing mix has evolved dramatically over the years, and experiential marketing, it seems, is taking center stage. Today, brands connect with consumers on a deeper, more engaged level by developing targeted experiences that stimulate the senses and trigger an emotional response. Experiential campaigns are bigger than a two-sentence headline or a 30-second commercial, and they’re more personal than a billboard or magazine ad. They’re live experiences that are designed to impact consumers physically and emotionally, even after the event or campaign has expired.

Check out a few of this year’s experiential activations that tugged on heartstrings and made us feel, proving the real power and influence of experience.

Helping Kids Explore the World. Expedia and St. Jude joined forces to create a powerful experience for children receiving cancer treatment. Thanks to a 360-degree camera and a team of compassionate people, St. Jude brought the jungle, the desert, and the ocean to the hospital room. You’ll probably need some Kleenex for this. Or not. But if this video doesn’t make your heart swell up, you’re probably a monster.

Making Dreams Come True. The Children’s Wish Foundation did what they do best and helped make a nine-year-old’s dream of becoming famous come true with their #DoTheLivi campaign, a touching project that turned her go-to dance move into a dance floor sensation. Watch and weep.


Passport to Creativity. In celebration of Earth Day, Adobe peaked student’s interest with their one-of-a-kind art installation in Los Angeles, where 24-foot long tunnels featured the work of six visual art students who captured images, sounds, and videos from around the globe. Visitors of the installation immersed themselves in the wonder of some of the world’s most protected landscapes, witnessing the innovation of Adobe’s new product, Creative Cloud, and fostering a deeper appreciation for our planet.

*Statistic from survey conducted by mobile location firm, Retale

Photo credit to Expedia/VIMEO


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