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We Went to CES 2016 For the First Time, & Here’s What We Learned

They’ve taken selfies with llamas at Outdoor Retailer. They’ve test-driven tractors at the Farm Progress Show. Now the paragons of excellence that comprise our biz dev department have gone and braved CES 2016, starting the year off right with a week-long technology binge in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is the... read more

Our 15 Best Blog Posts of 2015

Another year, another New Year’s resolution you’ll make, regret, and discard immediately. But if you want to be one of the 8% of people that actually succeed, maybe resolve to do something simple—like learn to juggle fire, or read War and Peace in the original Russian, or just discover a little bit about experiential marketing... read more

The Pros & Cons of Eggnog

It’s Eggnog Day, and let’s face facts: eggnog is the pumpkin spice latte of December. We’ve discussed previously how pumpkin spice is basically experiential marketing in action. Well, eggnog is no different. How else would we know when we’re supposed to be up to our elbows in yuletide cheer? Eggnog... read more

Our Picks: The Best of This Year’s Holiday Marketing Campaigns

We’re nearing the end of the holiday season—what better time to look back on the yule logs, flash mobs, and shocking truces of this year’s holiday marketing campaigns? We laughed, we cried, we plotted our escape from the kids’ table at Christmas parties. And now you can, too. Check... read more

6 Ways Our Service Offerings Could Help Santa Claus

Santa Claus gets a bad rap for being “nonexistent,” which is bullsh*t. The man is as real as flying reindeer and helper elves. But he needs a major brand overhaul—this “flying, benevolent gift-giver” image just isn’t resonating with certain demographics, namely millennials and adults and kids who found some incriminating presents... read more

The Holiday Season By the Numbers

In terms of advertising, the holiday season is a numbers game. How much are people spending? Which demographic demonstrates the most buying power? How much eggnog is too much eggnog? Here at Gemba, we dabble a bit in numbers ourselves. And as far as we’re concerned, these are the ones that... read more

YouTube Has Taught Us Everything We Know

Story time. Once while I was driving through the state of Ohio, I stopped for gas mid-cornfield and discovered that my car’s fuel cap had locked itself up and wasn’t unlocking, no matter how many times I tried to pry it open. I discovered this, of course, because I was... read more

Black Friday is the New Cyber Monday

Black Friday means a little something different to all of us. To some, it’s the day we wake up at ungodly hours to wait in line and buy discounted stuff. To others, it’s the day we don’t dare leave the house for fear of getting run over by future... read more

Thanksgiving By the Numbers

It’s almost Thanksgiving, people! We made it! The only thing standing between us and a smorgasbord of carbs is a short work week, four hours of travel to Grandma’s house, and an afternoon of everyone wondering if the food’s ready yet. To get ourselves in the mood, let’s break... read more

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: What’s Up With That?

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is just one of those things that’s such an ingrained part of our culture that we don’t stop to question it. Thanksgiving occurs. So does the parade. It’s just what has to happen. But this wasn’t always the case. The whole thing began in 1924 to... read more

Recipe for an Experiential Agency

On average, we’ll all spend approximately 9,000 hours making Thanksgiving dinner. Turkeys will be stuffed, corn will be shucked, and buttermilk rolls will be defrosted. I’m here to tell you that Thanksgiving dinner, with all of its various parts and pieces, is not unlike an experiential agency. The art department is... read more

Tear Meter: You (Yes, You) Can Send Cookies to Veterans!

You know what’s cool? Thanking a veteran for their service. But you know what’s even cooler? Thanking a veteran with cookies. That’s right. If you head on over to Katy’s Goodness, you can send a cookie care package to a veteran, and part of the proceeds will be donated to military families... read more

No-Shave November: What’s Up With That?

It’s No-Shave November, that time of year when people become significantly fuzzier. But why? And who? And how? (Scratch the how. We know how. People just kind of sit back and let beards happen.) This annual hairiness is actually designed to get people talking about men’s health issues—specifically, the idea is to spend one month... read more

Boo from the Crew: Here’s How Team Gemba Does Halloween

Halloween is a time for candy, for scary movies, for thinking about the costumes of Halloweens come to pass and cringing at the memory. Here at Gemba, we’re no exception. In fact, we’re pretty much the rule, as you can see, if the rule is “Thou shalt not escape childhood without at least... read more

2015 Halloween Predictions: Zombies Are the New Vampires

October is coming to an end, so let’s make with the Halloween costume predictions. Not even the tenth-anniversary release of a gender-bent Twilight novel can dethrone zombies as the pop culture Thing of the Moment. Thanks largely to the Walking Dead franchise (which spans comic books, video games, a popular TV show, and... read more

We Went to Content Marketing World, & It Was Pretty Spectacular

From the tech geekery of DreamForce to the alpacas of Outdoor Retailer—from Farm Progress in Illinois to Event Track in San Francisco—we’ve been to some cool conferences in our time. And our next stop on the conference circuit was Content Marketing World. You may have heard about this, because it... read more

What’s Poppin’ with… Emily!

We’re back with What’s Poppin’, where I ask intrusive questions under a single beam of light in the conference room like it’s a police interrogation. This week I sat and chatted with Emily. She’s part of our fabulous creative team, but she has also killed a man. That’s not true. Well,... read more

The Reason Why Apple Owns Our Souls

Since it’s Steve Jobs Day, and we’re hot off the heels of the latest Steve Jobs movie (Michael Fassbender is ten times’ the Steve Jobs that Ashton Kutcher ever was)… let’s talk about Apple. They’re a bastion of technological innovation and a force to be reckoned with, so they... read more

10 Ways to Stop Feeling So Stressed Out

This is a blog post for the obscure subset of people who sometimes feel stressed out, which according to statistics is actually most of you. Turns out stress is incredibly common. Holy crap, right? Who knew? According to the American Psychological Association, millennials tend to report the highest stress... read more

The Tear Meter: Why Pixar Movies Make Us Cry

The Internet is full of things. Funny things, sad things—and sometimes things that make you laugh and ugly-cry simultaneously. This is one such thing.   If the goal of experiential marketing is to build experiences, connect with consumers, and impact emotions, then advertisers everywhere could take a page out of Pixar’s... read more